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Sashiko is a type of Japanese embroidery that has traditionally used to reinforce or repair worn out clothing, and repair tears with patches. This running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery. Karajishi Botan (Guardian Lion and Peony) is as know a Hard Bold character, but it has a nice story behind it. Lion (Karajishi) is a King of animal, but has only one thing afraid of, which is a bug hide in his hairs. Peony has special effect for killing this type of bug. King of Lion has no place to relax, except under Peony. Karashiji botan means "Safety Place", do you have your Karajishi Botan?
It uses 100% cotton sashiko fabric and uses chusen method hand-dye.
size: 37x98 (cm) / 14.6x38.5(inch)
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