003. MAME SHIBORI (Blue)
[TD-404] $12.00

Mame-shibori is the most common print pattern of Tenugui. Sushi-chef often wears it like a headband in Sushi Bars. Mame means Beans in Japanese and Shibori means Wring. This very popular pea-dots print has a long history. The traditional mame-shibori (called Itajime Shibori) requires a highly trained technician as the fabric is folded several times and then put between carved wooden boards. The fabric now tightly bound and compressed by these boards. The technique is very old, going as far back as 700 AD. Enjoy your day with this lovely dots Tenugui!!!.
This tenugui uses tenassen method of hand-dying.
size: 34x91 (cm) / 13.5x35.5 (inch)
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