Tenugui simply tie back on the bottom of head, a trick for wuhao style; brighten up my day and outfit. Tenugui: shikanjima $18

1. Lined up the center of the tenugui on the top of your head.

2. Hold both sides and pull towards your back.

3. Tie together once or twice, as your necessary.

4. Softly loosen up the place where you made a knot in whatever shape your desire.


Cool wrap inspiration from Japanese fire fighters. Manlike wild style with the crisp wuhao style.
Tenugui: summer hana-bi (fireworks) $28

1. Lined up center of the tenugui on the top of your head.

2. Hold both sides and pull toward the back. At the same time, tightly twist both sides the center of neck.

3. Tie once and make a tight knot.

4. Tuck the excess or edge between tenugui and your hair as pictured.


Tenugui beret wrap inspired from Japanese wedding veil "wata-boshi" that is the everlasting beauty and elegance with wuhao style. Tenugui: maiko kyoto $25

1. Lined up center of the tenugui on the top of your head.

2. Hold both sides of the tenugui and pull towards to the back. Tie both left and right top corners together, and make two knots.

3. Tie left and right bottom corners together, making two knots as with the top corners.

4. Tuck bottom of excess material between tenugui and your hair. Make natural curves as your like.


Sunny turban wrap wuhao style, sunshine smile and sunny turban simply define bliss.
Tenugui: cherry melody $20

Fold tenugui as wide as you like, then line the center of the tenugui on the top of your head. Tie together the bottom on the back of your head. Tuck loose edge between tenugui and hair. Sunny turban wrap side view.

Sunny turban wrap side view


Snowy wrap gently bundles my ears and rosy cheeks wuhao style. Even white snow will make me smile. Tenugui: morning dew $30

To start, line up tenugui on the right side longer than on the left side. Pull the right side of tenugui toward the left and gently twist once. Tie both sides of tenugui under the left chin, making one or two knots whatever you prefer. Tuck excess edge of tenugui into neck line. Side view of snowy wrap.


Breezy headband wuhao style inspired from Japanese "matsuri" (festival). This energetic stylish look should cheer you up! Tenugui: a-un kyoto $25

Take the tenugui and twist is tightly sideways,
and then simply ties together at the back of the
head. Side view of breezy headband.


Use natural indigo tenugui arrangement for a simple wrap. Enjoy the difference of tenugui texture with a simple head wrap. Check out my own drape and style with wuhao natural indigo.
Tenugui: wuhao (light blue) $45

Natural indigo makes tenugui texture crisper than other types of dye, it the same touch as denim. Back view of simple wrap with natural indigo.

Softly fitting around your head line, this makes a fabulous style with either long or short hair alike. Side view of simple head wrap with natural indigo.


Tenugui syncopation wuhao style. A delicate variation is reborn a new look.
Tenugi: wuhao (navy) $45


Something new something unique and something fun! It's wuhao "ninja" style!
Tenugui: karakusa (green) $18


My handsome pet also dress up with tenugui wuhao style for a daily adventure.
Tenugui: monster $22


Let's roll and chase a game with my lucky tenugui.
Tenugui: dice $18


Swing with tenugui walking on the sunny side of the street. Stay tune with wuhao style!
Tenugui: wrench $18

Tenugui with jeans makes an absolutely fabulous combination. Side view of cool chief.

Hide and seek in the city with skipping flower bunny tenugui.
Tenugui: flower bunny kyoto $22


"Flawless Elegance"
Tenugui folded in your favorite size, simply wrap and fold around your neck.
Tenugui: ume stream $20

"Wave of the Future"
Tenugui wrapped around your neck wave of the future wuhao style. Gently twist and tie on the back of your neck.
Tenugui: dokudami (jade-green) $150

"A Little Butterfly"
Tenugui used as a scarf may create many different styles. Tie it back on my neck, giving it a fluttering look.
Tenugui: chrysanthemum $45

Drape like a little butterfly. Make your butterfly flutter in the blue sky, with wuhao natural indigo. Back view of scarf using wuhao natural indigo tenugui.


"Tenugui Ensemble wuhao style"  Flowers in leaps and bounds - isn't she lovely?
Tenugui: Simple head wrap sakura (pink) $35 / Mini-skirt flower bunny kyoto (red) $22